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 * @file   Dockapp.hh
 * @author David Reveman <david@waimea.org>
 * @date   29-Nov-2001 22:13:22
 * @brief Definition of DockappHandler class  
 * Function declarations and variable definitions for DockappHandler and
 * Dockapp classes.
 * Copyright (C) David Reveman. All rights reserved.

#ifndef __Dockapp_hh
#define __Dockapp_hh

class DockappHandler;
class Dockapp;

#include "Waimea.hh"

class DockappHandler : public WindowObject {
    DockappHandler(WaScreen *, DockStyle *);
    virtual ~DockappHandler(void);

    void Update(void);
    void Render(void);
    Display *display;
    Waimea *waimea;
    WaScreen *wascreen;
    int x, y, map_x, map_y;
    unsigned int width, height;
    Pixmap background;
    unsigned long background_pixel;
    WMstrut *wm_strut;
    DockStyle *style;
    bool hidden;

    list<Dockapp *> *dockapp_list;

class Dockapp : public WindowObject {
    Dockapp(Window, DockappHandler *);
    virtual ~Dockapp(void);

    Window icon_id, client_id;
    Display *display;
    DockappHandler *dh;
    int x, y;
    unsigned int width, height;
    XClassHint *c_hint;
    char *title;
    bool deleted;
    bool added;

#endif // __Dockapp_hh

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