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validateclient_mapped ( Window  id  ) 

Validates if a window exist and is mapped.

First we check that the window exists, if it exists we check the event queue so that there's no UnmapNotify event from the window in it. If there's no UnmapNotify event in the event queue then the window exists and is mapped.

id Resource ID used for window validation
True if window is valid, otherwise false

Definition at line 246 of file Waimea.cc.

References validatedrawable().

    XEvent e;
    if (validatedrawable((Drawable) id)) {
        if (XCheckTypedWindowEvent(waimea->display, id, UnmapNotify, &e)) {
            XPutBackEvent(waimea->display, &e);
            return false;
        return true;
    return false;

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